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Welcome to Tamarin

Hello denizens of the cyberspace

Welcome to Tamarin. We are happy to help the community design their own virtual world.

Virtual world is a limitless world that exists on a digital platform which are designed by digital architects to create an immersive and interactive environment in which people can interact, design, learn, and be entertained by this new reality

Your virtual journey starts here

Here’s what we can do for you

Tamarin designs everything for you. We will create your own virtual world to visualize and showcase your products, company, artworks, exhibition, and everything you desire, all for the world to see. Our virtual worlds are easy to access, requiring minimum hardware capability and as simple as clicking on a link. Everyone will visit your world in no time

Our artworks awaits


part of Interseminarch by BINUS Architecture


part of More/Less by Atelier Riri


part of BILIK KARYA 2022 by Universitas Trisakti


part of AGF by BINUS Architecture

Connect with us

Feel free to explore and share this with your friends. We would love to hear from you about your thoughts and feedback!
We certainly hope that we entertain you in your virtual journey.